Hyatt Harborside, Boston


     I am so impressed with this hotel. First of all, it is located at Boston Airport so you would expect to hear a lot of noise. No. Silent.

Then, it has style. Look at this lobby. And on the ceiling in the lobby a starry sky painted with puti and studded with twinkling stars. If you walk to the center of the rotunda where this ceiling is, listen for the echo.


     I visited the hotel in mid-winter and dined in the Harborside Grill with its jaw-dropping view of Boston across the harbor. In summer, there is outdoor dining which must be just wonderful on a hot summer night. If I worked in Boston, I’d come over here just to get on the water and have a view with my glass of wine.

boston hyatt harborside

     A table for two?


     Even the pool has a great view.


hyatt harborside

     There’s a large fitness center, yes, with a view. And a sauna.


     My room: 818. I could have had the same incredible view of Boston from my room and lie in bed and just enjoy. But I chose the view of the airport because I am in love with travel and find it exciting to watch the planes take off and land!


     This was take from my room window!


     Room 818 was large and silent and really comfortable. The beds were soft. Flat screen TV.


     With a good size bathroom.


     Everything you would need, including toothpaste.



     And nice touches around the hotel. As I got off the elevator, yes, it had a view too, there was this sweet little sitting nook.



Hyatt Harborside at Boston’s Logan Airport

101 Harborside Drive, Boston


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