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I lived in France for many years, starting when I was a newlywed in Paris. It was hard then to find American foods in France like peanut butter, oreos (my husband’s favorite), bagels, and maple syrup—so I had them shipped over to supplement my pantry. When I later moved to the South of France and had loads of American friends flying over to visit, I would recruit them to pack (hide) some things for me in their suitcases.

My biggest treasure was receiving maple syrup.

One weekend in the South of France, I had guests from Paris and wanted to serve them something fun for Saturday breakfast. But when they put a mouthful of pancakes and maple syrup into their mouth they very politely froze. Then they shook their head. Then they swallowed and blushed. Pushed for an answer of how they liked it, they responded that they did not have a taste for sweet things for their breakfast.

I tried maple syrup on some other French friends down from Bordeaux and they loved it. So I decided maple syrup in another country is a hit or miss proposition.

But here in New Hampshire we get really excited about it. It is a rite of spring to wait for the sap to run and find new maple syrup.

Just minutes from my village, a young couple has a maple business in a chalet-style barn on a pond with ducks and geese scurrying about—so perfect a setting that the thought occured to me their building would make a great house, with sunsets on the pond and high ceilings and a vast great room.

cotton candy
I found them by accident as I was hurtling down the highway one day. A sign out front caught my attention.

cotton candy

Never a lover of cotton candy, the sign stayed in my thoughts for days. Should I go back? What did it taste like?

So I went back today and was swept away by how good their maple cotton candy tastes. I pulled off a fluffy bit, placed it delicately on my tongue and closed my mouth. It was gone. All that was left was the taste of not-too-sweet maple syrup. Divine!!!!!! Magical!

I was hooked. I bought some of their maple cotton candy and some of their homemade maple pecan fudge. It was the best fudge I have ever eaten. Seriously. Not too sweet. Just perfect.

So I wanted to share with you my journey to Morning Star Maple Sugar House in Dublin, NH. This is what it looks like when you enter through their front door.

cotton candy
They really have their act together. A gift store with every imaginable product made with maple syrup. Below are the packages of their homemade maple sugar candies shaped into bears, turtles, chicks, owls, and maple leaves………..

cotton candy

……and they make maple caramel popcorn…….

cotton candy

………..great looking lollipops…………

cotton candy

…………..and of course, their own golden maple syrup…………

cotton candy
If you are in New England this summer traveling about, visit Morning Star Maple. Your kids will love it. You will be able to tour their maple making facility…………which is huge and ultra modern and clean…..

cotton candy
…..taste samples, sit by the pond,  savor some of their maple cotton candy…… cotton candy
…..and take some home. Just remember, don’t squeeze the cotton candy!

Morning Star Maple Sugar House, Route 101, Dublin, NH

603.563.9218   Order online at:


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