World Trade Center circa August 2014

LIberty Tower

I took a walk today around Ground Zero. I was there on that day. I saw it all. I smelled it. And I will always remember it. So I had to go back and see the progress they are making and to document its metamorphosis. I love this picture of the new World Trade Center reaching into the clouds.

Liberty Tower…In this view, you can see the fountains just in front of the tower complex. The sound of rushing water was overwhelming. Names of the fallen are carved on stone all the way around the fountain.

Liberty Tower….I took this while standing on a side street, in front of Century 21 Department Store. You can see that they are still working on building the entrance to the Path transportation center, and can just make out the spikes that will represent Lady Liberty’s crown.

Ground Zero…..A closer view of the fountain…

Liberty Tower..…This last shot is from Tribeca, several streets away.

It’s easy to visit Ground Zero now. There is a museum and lots of signage and information. If you go, try to visit in the earlier part of the morning or later afternoon, as the crowds can be large. Take any subway to the City Hall stop and walk over.

While you are there, keep walking towards the river to explore the World Financial Center, a group of buildings right on the river in Battery Park City. There are usually pretty impressive yachts in the marina there.

World Financial Center     America's Cup

Palm Court                Palm Court

Inside, the Palm Court is undergoing renovations but you can still enjoy its beauty with a walk around and then take the escalators upstairs to check out the new Brookfield Food Hall.

World Financial Center     World Financial Center

World Financial Center     World Financial Center


Find your food then a table by the window for a view out across the river to New Jersey.

World Financial Center

Below is an artist’s rendering of what the new inside space of the World Financial Center will look like from West Side Highway. Loads of new luxury stores are planned.

World Financial Center

World Financial Center